The MENA Economic Forum 2013 (MEF) concluded successfully with about 500 high-ranking government and industry leaders, economists and educators attending the forum from about 25 countries and over about 70 top-level speakers taking part in panel discussions on a variety of topics.

“MEF 2013 was a landmark event as it demonstrated the lead leading role that the emirate of Sharjah and UAE play in promoting dialogue and discussion between the Middle East and other regions of the world with a view to promoting stability and prosperity for its people and for securing their future’, said Peter Heath, Chancellor of AUS.

“We are satisfied with the high level participation and ideas exchanged at MEF 2013 and were pleased to host it on our campus. It is a testament to our standing as a leading educator in the region and our appeal among key industry leaders and government officials,” he added.

Dr. Nada Murtada-Sabbah, member of MEF 2013 Organizing Committee, said: “The brightest minds from our region and Europe have had a rare opportunity to share information and ideas on a variety of topics in an open and frank manner over the last two days. They have commented on the growing need for more engagement and exchange between our regions in an atmosphere of equality and openness, especially as in the changing world of today our futures seem to be increasingly intertwined. Our strengths complement each other, our cultures are now closer and our economies face the same challenges. The MEF 2013 will most probably be remembered as a conference where a new era in East-West cooperation began.” Highlights of the conference included the tripartite agreement between AUS, CAPMena and Le Groupe Euromed Management for the Euro MENA Chair of Management as a blueprint for East-West cooperation and a format for future partnerships.

This will benefit students, entrepreneurs, executives and managers of European and Arab companies wishing to develop their skills, expand their network of influence and contribute to better mutual understanding.

MENA Economic Forum – Sharjah 2013, un bilan très positif